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Yuri Koshibe Sato


Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Seisen International School, she received a B.S. in Athletic Training at San Jose State University and M.S. in Nutritional Science at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Yuri is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and now a mother of two children. She loves supporting clients in achieving their wellness goals through proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Her goal is to have both children and adults understand the benefits of exercise and nutrition and make it a part of their lifestyle. She hopes to make as many people's life active, happy, and healthy as possible.




My whole life, I've always been active, and being active made me happy. But after having two kids, it wasn't as easy making time for myself to stay active. Priorities shifted, and I went from exercising daily to once a week or less. I spent my days sitting in the office feeling unfit and stressed out, and I knew something had to change.


I can only imagine how many parents and full-time workers feel the same and are looking for an opportunity to make a change in their lifestyle. A little sweat takes you a long way in terms of physical and mental health, and my goal is to share the joy of active lifestyle with you. I want to be your opportunity to dive into a fun, motivating, and positive exercise environment so that you can feel good about your health, your life, yourself.


Happiness comes from within.

Let's get set and go!

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